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Jupiter OS

Manhattan OS was a great Ubuntu remaster you might remember reading about on WebUpd8. I say "was" because it doesn't exist anymore - you can't download it and there won't be any new versions, not under the "Manhattan OS" name. That's because Kevin wanted to go with Debian instead of Ubuntu and as a result, he is currently working on a new Linux distribution called Jupiter OS.

Manhattan OS served as a good test bed for us to figure out where we belonged in the Linux world. We found that being simple is great, but being fun is even better; so why not take the "best of" everything (even across distribution platforms) and make it singular but fun! That's what Jupiter OS is all about.

- Kevin McDole

You might think that's just another Debian based distro / remaster. Well, it's not:

Firstly, Jupiter OS will be a rolling release Linux distribution! And secondly, besides all the great applications that will come by default (I have no info on that, but some applications from Manhattan OS will probably be available in Jupiter OS too), Jupiter OS will also have all the goodies that are only available in Ubuntu (well, by default, because they now exist in some other distribution repositories), such as NotifyOSD or Indicator Applet - thanks to Hadret's repository (from which Jupiter OS will most likely include Nautilus Elementary and other applications by default).

Jupiter OS is not yet available for download, but a preview release is expected by the end of this month.

For news about Jupiter OS, see its Facebook page.