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Banshee 1.8.0

Banshee 1.8.0 (stable) has been released yesterday. There are many new features and improvements since the last stable version: Amazon MP3 Store and Download plugins, MPRIS v2 support (it should now be integrated into the Ubuntu 10.10 Sound Menu), Miro Podcast Directory which allows you to stream and subscribe to podcasts, Bulk Metadata Fixup Extension, improved iPhone, iTouch, iPad, and iPod support, improved audiobook support and a lot of other improvements. A complete list can be found @ Banshee release announcement.

To install Banshee 1.8.0 in Ubuntu (Karmic, Lucid or Maverick), use the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:banshee-team/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install banshee

How to install and get the Banshee MeeGo (netbook) interface

Banshee Meego netbook interface

If you want to install the netbook optimized interface for Banshee (Meego), use the following command (in addition to the regular interface Banshee - so make sure you've installed that first):
sudo apt-get install banshee-meego

If you then want to use the MeeGo interface for Banshee, run it and you'll notice a Banshee logo button on the top right corner - click it and Banshee will switch to the Meego interface. To switch back to the regular looking Banshee, click the Banshee logo button again.

To always run Banshee with the Meego interface (by default), create a new shortcut (or edit the existing one under Applications > Sound & Video) and under the command, enter: "banshee --client=MeeGo".