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Burg Ubuntu
(Burg menu)

Burg (Brand New Universal Bootloader) is a boot loader based on Grub which supports themes so you can choose the OS you want to boot based on its icon in the menu list (it supports a lot of Linux distributions, Windows, Mac OSX).

Burg Manager is an application to easily install Burg (along with the default Burg themes and a Burg emulator) and change most of the Burg settings such as the timeout, download and install new themes, remove Burg and restore Grub 2, set the default operating system and many advanced options. Burg works in both Ubuntu and Kubuntu (I've tested it in both) and most probably other *ubuntu flavors too.

Burg manager
(Burg Manager)

Install Burg Manager

1. To install Burg Manager (even though it hasn't been updated, it works in Ubuntu 10.10 too) in Ubuntu, firstly download and install BUC (it comes with .deb files).

2. Then download and install Burg Manager - you can find Ubuntu 32bit and 64bit download links in THIS post from the Burg Manager author's blog.

Using Burg Manager

Firstly, you must install Burg. To do this, open Burg Manager (Applications > System Tools > Burg Manager) and from its interface, select "Burg install" (from the first tab, called "Burg-installer") to start installing Burg.

When installing Burg for the first time (this doesn't show up if you remove and install Burg again unless you purge everything), you should see a screen like this:

Burg choose hdd

Here, you must press SPACE to select the HDD to install Burg to (an "*" must be displayed next to the HDD where you have installed Ubuntu - like in the above screenshot), then TAB and ENTER. If you do not press SPACE, Burg will not run when you restart your computer.

Then use Burg Manager to change everything to suit your needs (change the default OS, install new themes or tweak some advanced parameters or just preview some Burg themes) and then restart your computer.

Some setting can be changed directly from the Burg menu - press F2 to change the theme, F3 to change the resolution or F1 to see all the available options.

Note: I've only tested Burg Manager in VirtualBox - with Ubuntu and Kubuntu (that's why there are 2 Ubuntu icons in the screenshot below), as I do not dual boot. Here's a Burg screenshot from my computer:


Thanks to saurabhneo23 for the Burg Manager tip; credits for the first image in the post: Ubuntu Radiance for Burg