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Jorge Castro is answering questions regarding Unity at AskUbuntu, based on the number of votes they receive:

Unity developers will be advising me best on how to answer your questions and we can continue to develop the answers based on feedback.

Several interesting questions have already been answered, like:

Will there be an option to use auto-hide for the Unity dock (launcher)?

According to a bug report comment by Mark Shuttleworth:

status confirmed
importance high

We'll address this in 11.04 with an autohide option.


Will Unity be the only option during the Ubuntu 110.4 desktop installation?

Unity will be the default desktop if your hardware supports it. If your hardware does not support Unity, you will get the same desktop that you have today, GNOME 2.x.

If you do NOT want Unity you will have the option to install a GNOME 2.x session directly from the Ubuntu Software Center.

Another interesting question asked is "Will Unity become themeable?", however it seems no decision regarding this has been made so far.

You can see the already asked questions and answers @ http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/unity

If you want to ask a question related to Unity in Ubuntu 11.04, head over to AskUbuntu (you'll have to create an account if you don't have one already).