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DeadBeef, a lightweight music player I was telling you about in the Ubuntu Netbook Edition optimization tips post was updated to version 0.4.2 today which brings some minor but interesting new features:
  • you can use your mousewheel over the notification area icon to control the volume
  • custom tray icon and icon themes: to specify a different icon for DeadBeef, go to Edit > Preferences > Plugins, select the "Standard GTK2 user interface" plugin, click Configure and you can enter a new icon (you just have to enter the icon name). The new version also got a new icon and an option to hide the notification area icon altogether.
  • a new "remove from disk" menu item
  • "Look up at last.fm" context menu option
  • new MusePack plugin with support for multi-chapter files
  • many hotkeys improvements and new Play/Pause global hotkeys
  • option to remember current track / position / state on exit, and resume after restart
  • support for cover artwork embedded in APEv2 tags
And many other improvements - a complete list can be found HERE.

To install the latest DeadBeef 0.4.2 in Ubuntu, use the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alexey-smirnov/deadbeef
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install deadbeef