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ADeskBar 0.4.1

If you use Lubuntu or another LXDE / Openbox based Linux distribution, you could give ADeskBar - a lightweight application launcher for Openbox -, a try. Even though it's especially designed for Openbox, ADeskbar also works great under Gnome or XFCE.

The latest ADeskBar version (0.4) which has been released 2 days ago, comes with a new menu and easy configuration.

Adeskbar options

ADeskBar has most features other popular docks have, such as a panel mode, different styles (Edgy, Floaty and 3D) and icon effects, autohide and intellihide, configurable screen position, transparency (including fake transparency when compositing is not available) and many other features. Of course, ADeskBar also comes with some built-in applets such as a menu, show desktop icon, terminal, volume mixer or digital clock. There's also a notification area applet - to use it, make sure you firstly remove any other existing notification areas or else it won't work.

Besides the standard "tasklist" way of displaying your open windows, ADeskBar also comes with a "Window list" plugin (like the Window List plugin for the Gnome panel - I'm not sure if there's one for LXpanel as well) which can display the running applications in a list.

And finally, every bit of the way ADeskBar looks can be configured through the advanced options:

Adeskbar advanced options

Here is a quick screencast with the latest ADeskBar 0.4 in action (recorded by the ADeskBar developer, ADcomp):

(Video available in HTML5 if you've enabled it on YouTube)

Download ADeskBar (includes Debian / Ubuntu / Linux Mint / CrunchBang Linux .deb as well as source files)

Thanks to Marcin Mach @ Netbit73 for the tip!