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Super OS (formerly: Super Ubuntu) is a modified version of Ubuntu 10.04. But this post isn't about Super OS but about the amazing repository it comes with and which you can of course use on a regular Ubuntu 10.04 installation or any Ubuntu 10.04 based Linux distribution/remaster.

What's so great about the Super OS repository? Well, it comes with some applications which are not available in any other repository as well as other applications which are scattered between lots of PPAs or repositories - all in one place.

The Super OS repository includes applications such as: Adobe AIR, Adobe Reader, DropBox, IBM Lotus Symphony, Spideroak, TrueCrypt, Hulu Desktop, VirtualBox (the proprietary version), the latest WINE 1.2, Reconstructor, Google Earth, Google Desktop, Google Chrome, Picasa, codecs and others. You can find a list HERE - the versions in the list have not been updated, however the packages in the repository are the latest stable version. Unfortunately, a few of the above mentioned applications are only available for 32bit. A complete list of 64bit packages in the repository can be found HERE.

Add the Super OS repository to Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

To add the Super OS repository to Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, all you have to do is download and install THIS deb - it will add the repository and also install the repository key.

Then power up Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic and search for the application(s) you want to install.

How secure is the Super OS repository? I can't really tell you but since many of you use PPAs, think of it as a PPA - they are not official and you can either trust the repository maintainer or not.

Thanks to Miguel Ferreira and Gerald Young in the comments for the updated .deb link!