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Wouldn't it be nice to be able to set a keyboard shortcut in Nautilus for the "Open in terminal" action so that when you're in a certain folder, pressing a keyboard shortcut would open a terminal with the exact path to that folder - like KDE user can do it using Dolphin?

Well, you can do that in Gnome (with Nautilus) by following the steps below:

1. Install Nautilus Open In Terminal
sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal

2. Press ALT + F2, enter "gconf-editor", then navigate to /desktop/gnome/interface/ and set "can_change_accels" to true.

3. Restart Nautilus:
nautilus -q

4. Then open any instance of Nautilus, click "File" menu, move the mouse over "Open in terminal", then click and hold left button. Now you can assign a shortcut - make sure that keyboard shortcut is not in use already - like CTRL + SHIFT + T, F4 or whatever you want.

Here is a quick video tutorial of the above steps:

(By default, Nautilus doesn't have a keyboard shortcut for Open In Terminal, but I had mine already set, that's why in the beginning there's already a keboard shortcut for it).

Many thanks to Mehdi for the tip!