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As you probably know, the Twitter OAuthpocalypse took place and all the Twitter clients which do not use OAuth no longer work.

One such Twitter client is Pino which unfortunately has not yet been updated to use OAuth and no longer works. But you can still get Pino to work, even though it doesn't support OAuth - and this might also work for other Twitter clients, but I've only tested it for Pino. Here's what you need to do.

How to make Pino with no OAuth work with Twitter

1. Go to http://www.supertweet.net/ and click the "Sign in with Twitter" button, then allow it to connect to Twitter.

2. Then you'll notice that the status on supertweet.net says "Inactive (Activate)" - click on "Activate":


Once you click "Activate", you'll have to enter a password for supertweet.net - this is not your Twitter password! Enter some other password and click "Submit".

3. Open Pino and either add a new account or edit an existing one and enter the following info for the new account:

Username: your Twitter username
Password: your supertweet.net password which you've set in step 2
Service: Other
Api proxy or other service: http://api.supertweet.net/1/

Pino account

Important: Even though the Supertweet website says to use http://api.supertweet.net, use http://api.supertweet.net/1/ or else the mentions and direct messages will not work!

Click OK and you're ready to use Pino again!

See also: upgrade Gwibber to get it to work with OAuth.

Thanks to Cipi for the tip and linux.videotutorial.ro (needs a minor tweak to get everything to work).