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gThumb 2.11.92

We're always updating the packages in the WebUpd8 PPAs but only sometimes post the news on WebUpd8 - just this week we've updated: Jupiter, Zaz, GIMP Plugin Registry, MintMenu and others (and of course VLMC which comes in a daily builds PPA). See all the packages we maintain in the WebUpd8 PPAs, here.

This time I though I should let you know that the latest gThumb 2.11.92 comes with a fix for the Facebook export which was broken for a while now. A complete changelog can be found here.

gThumb 2.11.92 is not available in the official Ubuntu 10.10 repositories. But you can install it in both Maverick and Lucid using our gThumb PPA or the main WebUpd8 PPA.