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Emerald - buttons on the left

If you gave the buttons on the left a chance, you are now probably used to having them there and most Emerald themes come with the minimize, maximize and close buttons on the right. 

Here's a quick tip for moving the minimize, maximize and close buttons on the left for an Emerald theme:

Open the Emerald Theme Manager (System > Preferences > Emerald Theme Manager), click "Edit themes", then go to the Titlebar tab and under "Title-bar object layout" on the right, you should be able to select "CNX:IT:HM:OSX Layout" from the drop-down. In case this is not there, simply copy/paste it.

If you don't want a window title (like for the LittleGrass Emerald theme), use the following code: "CNX:::OSX Layout". You can of course tweak the layout some more as all these parameters are documented under the "Title-bar object layout" option.

Post idea thanks to kv1dr