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If you're looking for a way to change your icons color to match your theme, try icoGEN. It can only recolor the 7 icon themes it comes with (including Ubuntu Mono Dark and Light, Elementary), but this should be enough for most people.

Using icoGEN

icoGEN comes with an Ubuntu .deb package, but I was unable to run icoGEN after installing it using the .deb, so if that's the case for you too, download the zip package (download link at the end of the post), extract it, right click the "start.sh" file and on the "Permissions" tab, check the "Allow executing his file as program" box. Then simply double click the "start.sh" file to run it.

Once icoGEN starts, select the icon theme you want to edit (Humanity Colors, Elementary, Ubuntu Mono Dark, Ubuntu Mono Light, Meliae - Light, Meliae - Dark or Chromo Erectus) and start choosing new colors for your icon theme. It's as easy as that!

You can also choose to make your icon theme brighter or darker.

Once you're done changing the colors, choose a name for your icon set and click the "Generate" button. When everything is done, icoGEN will ask you if you want to apply your newly created icon set.

Download icoGEN