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Here is a very interesting concept: what if your computer could detect your presence and:
  • a window playing a video would automatically go fullscreen when you move further from the screen
  • the notifications are displayed fullscreen when the user is not in front of the monitor so they can be read from a different location
And these are just a few ideas but this can go even further.

This concept is described by Christian Giordano @ Canonical Design blog. Christian also posted a video mockup of this concept, in which he uses "computer-vision", a face recognition library:

Parallax and fullscreen interaction via webcam from Canonical Design on Vimeo.

Despite it could be hard to detect the horizontal position of the user’s head without a camera, we are in no way defining the technology required. The proximity could be in-facts detected with infra-red or ultra-sound sensors. - Christian Giordano

What do you think? Would you find this useful?