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clementine 0.5

Clementine is an Amarok 1.4 port, the famous and still very popular KDE music player. But Clementine also runs under GNOME with no need to install the KDE libraries thanks to Qt4; further more, Clementine runs on Windows and Mac OSX too.

We've been following the development for some time and it looks like Clementine is turning into an amazing music player! The recent 0.5 RC1 version comes with an amazing new feature: support for iPods, MTP music players and USB mass storage disks:

You can now copy songs on to and manage files on your portable devices. Music will get transcoded automatically if the device you're copying to doesn't support the file type.

Clementine 0.5 RC1 also comes with a queue manager, support for Wii remotes, it can load embedded album art from id3v2 tags or local artwork, support drag and drop between playlists, you can disable the library scanning as well as other minor tweaks and lots of bug fixes.

Download Clementine 0.5 RC1 (includes Ubuntu .deb, Fedora .rpm, Windows .exe and Mac .dmg files).

Thanks to LFFL for the news!