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Awn ambiance radiance

A lot of people find it a bit difficult to customize the new AWN Lucido style so here are some beautiful Ambiance and Radiance themes which use the new AWN Lucido style, ready to be used. Even if you're not among them, you may still want to try out these 4 Avant Window Navigator themes as they fit really nicely with Ubuntu's themes. 4 because the archive comes with the classic Ambiance and Radiance themes as well as an orange version of both Ambiance and Radiance.

Before using these themes, make sure have installed the latest Avant Window Navigator trunk (click for installation instructions), then extract the AWN Ambiance and Radiance Theme archive downloaded from Gnome Look (download link at the end of the post) and you'll then find 4 archives. Don't extract these 4 archives and instead, go to the AWN preferences, on the Themes tab and click "Install", then browse for each of these 4 archives - this will install the themes.

Download AWN Ambiance and Radiance Themes

Thanks to UbuntuLife for the news!