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1. Fundamental Round 2

Fundamental round 2 theme

2. Zuki Blues

Zuki blues theme

3. Neon

neon theme

4. Cadmium Suite

Cadmium suite theme

5. Mint Clearloox & Mint Elementary icons

Mint clearloox screenshot

This is a theme which was recently uploaded into the new Linux Mint Debian repositories and have not been released elsewhere. But you can install them in Debian / Ubuntu / Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu) using the .deb files above.

Some of these themes requires the Equinox and Murrine engines. Click for Equinox GTK2 Engine installation instructions.

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Thanks to: Johan @ Lathund for the Fundamendal round 2 theme tip, z3r0z3r0 for the Mint Clearloox tip and Zuki Blues, Neon and Cadmium Suite - all via Ubuntu Life