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Yet another Unity version (0.2.28) was released today in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat (Netbook Edition), featuring a new home screen (which will probably remind you of the old Ubuntu Netbook Edition interface) when you click the Ubuntu button - this is the first thing you see when you click the Ubuntu logo. The Home Screen is not finished yet and the artwork for it should land sometime next week. Here is a screenshot with how it looks for now:

unity home screen

unity removable media

Another change brings your USB keys/Cameras/CD-Drives to the Unity launcher (dock) so you can easily launch a file manager with their location or eject them.

unity maximized window
(Unity maximized window - new buttons, no window decorations)

Other changes:

  • Maximized windows no longer have window decorations but once you unmaximize the applications, they get the window decorations back.
  • The window buttons have been updated to use the Ambience beta theme if it's installed
  • The workspace switcher should be performing much better now and it also allows you to move windows between the workspaces.