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And here it is: with the Maverick User Interface freeze coming in 2 days, the first update to the Humanity Icon Theme in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat. Well, in fact there was another update a while back to the ubuntu-mono icons, but the only change was the new controls for the sound indicator.

The new Humanity Icon Theme 0.5.3 doesn't bring many changes - at least from what I've noticed so far. For now I've only spotted a few new icons: the home icon and the up / back / forward icons:

humanity icon theme ubuntu maverick

Here is how these icons used to look:

old humanity icons

The new icons are more cartoonish I would say. Also, let's hope the Humanity Icon Theme will finally become consistent (and not include both purple and orange icons - I just had to say it again) in Maverick. What do you think?

Until I upload this new Humanity Icon Theme version in our Light Themes PPA, you can manually download THIS deb file or the source from here. The package should be available for Maverick users in a few minutes / hours (through the official repositories of course).

Did you spot any other new icons? Let us know in the comments!