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Guayadeque 0.2.7

Guayadeque is a relatively new music player for Linux. It comes with a huge amount of features yet its pretty light, even with a huge music collection.

There was no new Guayadeque version in a long time but the development was actually very active and today we finally have a new version. Here are the highlights of Guayadeque 0.2.7:

  • libre.fm support
  • implemented crossfading between tracks
  • record from streams
  • a file browser (play files by browsing them on your HDD)
  • option to delete files from library and hard drive
  • lyricsplugin.com as lyrics search engine
  • you can now save the lyrics in a local folder
  • the last.fm panel can now search for tracks in your library
  • implemented reading/writing images into m4a files
  • library search covers scan now into audio files too
  • live search
  • and a lot more features and fixes

A full list of new features / tweaks can be found HERE.

Besides the new features, Guayadeque 0.2.7 also comes with speed and memory usage improvements.

guayadeque 0.2.7 last.fm

In the above screenshot you can spot my favourite new feature in Guayadeque 0.2.7: when playing a track and then going to the Last.fm pane, you get the usual info on the artist and the top albums/tracks. In Guayadeque 0.2.7 you can right click these and play/enqueue them.

Install Guayadeque music player in Ubuntu

Guayadeque is available in the official Ubuntu 10.10 repositories so Maverick users should wait for an update or manually install the .debs (see below).

The Guayadeque 0.2.7 packages have been uploaded to the Guayadeque PPA, but are not ready yet. Until they are ready you can manually download and install Ubuntu .deb files from Sourceforge.

Once the packages in the PPA are ready, you'll be able to install Guayadeque 0.2.7 using the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:anonbeat/guayadeque
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install guayadeque

In the same PPA, there are also SVN builds of Guayadeque which you can install to run a bleeding edge version of Guayadeque (which is currently similar to 0.2.7 but will get new features sooner - but it's unstable). To install this package, you need to remove guayadeque first and install guayadeque-svn (firstly make sure you have added the PPA using the commands above):
sudo apt-get remove guayadeque
sudo apt-get install guayadeque-svn

Thanks to LinuxFreedomForLive for the news.