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conky colors cairo mode

Conky Colors - a script to easily configure Conky with lots of built-in options -, added some cool new features recently: cairo mode (--cairo) and a new theme: Elementary.

You can see the Cairo mode in action in the screenshot we posted above. To get Conky to look like in this post, the following command was used:
./conky-colors --cairo --theme=elementary --cpu=2 --swap --clock=cairo --rhythmbox=cairo --network --unit=C

The above command will use the Elementary Conky Colors theme and will display the CPU usage (for 2 CPUs), SWAP, a clock, your currently playing track in Rhythmbox and network information with the temperature using Celsius - all using the new Cairo mode. You can of course tweak it to suit your taste. To see all the available options, use:
./conky-colors --help

We already posted how to install and use Conky Colors, so see our initial post for instructions: Conky Colors Makes Your Conky Beautiful In Seconds (don't be scared by the lengthy post, there are just a few copy/paste commands).