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ubuntu font

You probably know that Ubuntu 10.10 will get a brand new font. And you probably also know that the font is only available for the Ubuntu members right now (in private beta).

Let's say that searching Google, I came across the original new Ubuntu font (and by original I mean the actual font which is in private beta, not the one extracted from an old PDF which you can already download from lots of websites - that's very old has major issues by the way). The font comes up in Google by mistake. That means that anyone can find it by searching for the right thing.

Would it be fair to publish a download link on WebUpd8?

Note regarding the screenshot: I use sharp fonts settings, so the font will probably look different on your computer. Also, the letter "U" is missing from the Gloobus Preview because of a bug in Gloobus. As you can see, the letter is there in Font Viewer.

Update: you (the majority) said it wouldn't be fair, so we're not going to publish it. Thank you for the comments! Until the Ubuntu font will be released in public beta (August, 8), there are plenty of fonts to try. See these for instance (read the comments too).