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Unity received yet another update in Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10 Maverick Meerkat yesterday. This version partially fixes the application search in the Unity application launcher and file browser - also known as Dash (the file search actually looks completely fixed). Also, Unity doesn't display all the files at once anymore - for this, a new toggle button was introduced for both the files and applications.

The Sound Indicator also got an update 2 days ago and it can now display the album artwork - but this might be working for some time now, I'm not really sure.

I took this opportunity to record a video with Unity (along with the new AppMenu, also known as Global Menu) so WebUpd8 readers can see where Ubuntu Netbook Edition stands right now. Since I promised this when Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha 2 was released, I also recorded the new Ubuntu Software Center. And finally to make this complete, you can also see the new Sound Indicator in action.

(You can also watch this video in HTML5 (with out without WebM) @ YouTube)

Make sure you watch the video in 720p or 1080p!

You can also spot a lot of the errors which exist in Unity right now in the above video (like not being able to click the indicator applet area or close applications at the end, the Unity applications and files search working but with some bugs and so on).

Update: here are also some screenshots to go with this video:

sound indicator when rhythmbox is closed
(Sound Indicator - Rhythmbox closed)

sound indicator rhythmbox playing
(Sound Indicator - Rhythmbox playing)

ubuntu 10.10 unity screenshot
(Unity applications - installed apps not expanded)

unity ubuntu 10.10 screenshot
(Unity applications - installed apps expanded)

unity ubuntu 10.10 files
(Unity files (Dash) - Today and Yesterday not expanded)

ubuntu 10.10 dash files
(Unity files (Dash) - Today and Yesterday expanded)

No screenshots for Ubuntu Software Center since it's the same version as in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Alpha 2 and we already posted enough screenshots with it.

Please note that in this video, Unity and the AppMenu will be a part of Ubuntu Netbook Edition only while the Sound Indicator and Ubuntu Software Center versions are the same in both Ubuntu desktop and Ubuntu Netbook Edition.

If you want to install the Sound Indicator from Maverick in Lucid, Guiodic uploaded it to his PPA.

What do you think of Unity, Ubuntu Software Center and the Sound Indicator so far?