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Not so long ago, we were telling you about Pastie, a simple clipboard manager with Indicator Applet support. Since our first Pastie mention, it got an Ubuntu PPA and lots of versions released - which fixed bugs mostly, but a new feature was also added: a configuration dialog you can open by pressing "Ctrl + Alt + p".

Image support was probably the most requested feature back when we posted about Pastie. Well, Pastie got even better than that! Today, Pastie 0.5-pre is available (only Ubuntu .deb download for now - but it will be available in its PPA after some further testing) which doesn't get just image but any file support meaning Pastie will remember the files you've copied like you can see in the screenshot above. Pastie even remembers pieces of image you copy in GIMP or other image editing applications.

It is also a lot easier to change the Pastie icon, like Felipe (Pastie developer) points out on his blog: simply place the icon you want Pastie to use in the ~/.pastie/ folder. The icon must be renamed to "pastie.svg" ("svg" can be any other kind of usable type of image). A nice monochrome icon for Pastie can be downloaded from HERE.

Download Pastie 0.5-pre Ubuntu .deb (for both 32bit and 64bit)

Thanks to Felipe!