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Ever since I started using Chrome (Chromium to be more specific), there was one thing which really annoyed me: AdBlock for Google Chrome / Chromium. AdBlock used to firstly load the ads and only then block them - something which seems very primitive to someone coming from Firefox where AdBlock Plus successfully blocks ads before they download... since forever.

But a recent change made by Apple (really!) to the Webkit engine allows AdBlock for Chrome to finally block the ads before they are downloaded. To use it, you don't even have to use the experimental Google Chrome / Chromium:

It's unclear when the "beforeload" event was added to Chrome — in part because it wasn't added by Google. Apple added it to the open source WebKit engine used by Chrome, and at some point, it made its way into the Google browser. It's now available in the latest stable version of Chrome, version 5.

This however doesn't yet work with all the ads:

Note that Chrome doesn't actually support this all the way, so a few resources might still load before AdBlock can get to them, in which case we'll remove those as usual.

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