Ubuntu / Linux news and application reviews.

1. Elegant Gnome

Elegant GNOME Theme

The Elegant GNOME theme comes with a script that installs the following: Icon theme, GTK+ theme, Cursor Theme and wallpaper.

Download (script)

2. Small Victory

Small Victory theme

Small Victory is a dark panel and compact (great for netbooks) version of the Victory theme - a highly customizable theme.


3. Impression / Night Impression


Night Impression
(Night Impression)

The update is not so recent (2-3 weeks old), but only now I've noticed the new Impression / Night Impression version.

More screenshots & download

4. Zuki

Zuki GTK theme

Zuki features an amazing panel style, but you need to master The GIMP to create one for yourself.


5. Anatomica

Anatomica theme