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rhythmbox mass storage device

Rhythmbox is simply great for transferring music to your iPhone or mp3 player. It automatically converts the tracks and all that.

But what if you want to use Rhythmbox to transfer music to your phone which is detected as a mass storage device? Or an USB memory stick? Well, you can't do that - not by default. Just 2 days ago I wanted to transfer some music to an USB memory stick (to listen in the car) and I had to use the "Send to" plugin which is slow, doesn't convert any music and on top of that it was very buggy and some music didn't even get synced to the USB memory stick.

But you can do it with a small tweak: all you have to do is create a file called ".is_audio_player" on the mass storage device you want Rhythmbox to "see" as a music player, and paste this inside the file:

Save the file, open Rhythmbox and start syncing your music with your phone, USB memory stick or whatever mass storage device you want.

Special thanks to RKV for sending us the tip! [via m-phasis.de]