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lucida mac font
(Lucida MAC)

Searching to download some Mac OSX fonts like Saurabhneo suggested earlier, I found a pack with some Apple Mac OSX fonts which includes: AppleGaramond, Aquabase, Lithgrl, Lucida Grande and Lucida MAC.

Download the fonts from here: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2.

Then, for an easy one command installation, simply paste the following command in a terminal (firstly "cd" to the directory where you downloaded the fonts archive"):
tar zxvf macfonts.tar.gz && sudo cp -r macfonts/ /usr/share/fonts/ && sudo fc-cache -f -v

Here are 2 more screenshots with some of these fonts:

applegaramond font
(Apple Garamond)

lucida grande font
(Lucida Grande)