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font manager ubuntu

Font Manager is a simple application which allows you to manage fonts. Using Font Manager, you can preview and compare fonts - including a complete character map, install or remove, activate and deactivate fonts and even group fonts into "Collections", and easily activate or de-activate groups of fonts.

Font Manager 0.5.5 which was released a couple of days ago fixes several issues but also adds 2 important new features:
  • A fontconfig editor which allows users to configure settings for individual families and styles. This can be used to set anti-alias, hinting, spacing and other advanced settings only for some font families.
  • An alias editor which allows users to configure font substitution. Font substitution is the process of using one font in place of another when the intended font either is not available or does not contain glyphs for the required characters. Font substitution is aided by classifying fonts into families, such that for example a sans serif font is substituted by another sans serif font.

Download Font Manager (includes Ubuntu .deb files for both 32bit and 64bit)

Thanks to Ubuntips for the heads up!