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Clip2Net is a project currently in open beta-testing which you can use for easily recording screencasts / taking screenshots on your computer and then upload them to Click2Net server for easy sharing.

Clip2Net works on Windows, Linux and MacOS X, however it seems the video screencast feature is currently missing from the Linux build - but it's understandable since it's in beta-testing for now.

What's nice about Clip2Net is the speed: it's very fast and easy to take a screenshot, optionally edit it (crop, annotate, insert some arrow shapes and so on) and then upload it to Clip2Net.

Clip2Net features official features:
  • Desktop area capture and upload
  • Video capture and upload
  • Upload image from Clipboard
  • Upload text documents
  • Upload any number of files from Clipboard
  • Multiple file upload at once (link to zip file will be generated)
  • Drag-and-drop any number of files into Drop Zone
  • Preview of clip or list of files before upload
  • Visual Text Editory
  • Publishing by e-mail
  • Music/Video sharing and playing from web-site

Download Clip2Net for Windows, Linux and MacOS X

To install it in Linux, after downloading it, make it executable and run it via a terminal:
chmod +x linux_clip2net01b_installer.bin

Then the installer window will pop-up and all you have to do is follow the instructions. Once installed, run it by going to the folder you installed it in and then double clicking the "clip2net" file.

Special thanks to WebUpd8 reader Mahdi for suggesting Clip2Net!