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clementine music player 0.4

Clementine is a port of Amarok 1.4, the famous and still very popular KDE music player. But Clementine also runs under GNOME with no need to install the KDE libraries thanks to Qt4; further more, Clementine runs on Windows and Mac OSX too.

Clementine 0.4 was just released, bringing some very interesting new features such as: support for multiple, tabbed playlists, support for loading and saving XSPF, M3U, PLS and ASX playlists, global hotkeys, fullscreen visualisation support using projectM, music transcoder that can convert your music to mp3, ogg, flac, spx, 3gp or m4a from any format that's supported by Clementine, replayGain support for volume normalisation, a playlist search field and many other features and fixes.

Just like Amarok, Clementine is not a lightweight music player - memory wise - as it uses around 32 MB of RAM on my system (tested on a music database of 1500 files). Still, that's not that much either. But the interface is clean and overall it still feels light. If you loved Amarok 1.4, you should definitely give Clementine a try!

Clementine 0.4 is not yet available in its official Ubuntu PPA, but you can download Ubuntu .deb packages via Clementine's Google Code page. (.rpm. .dmg and .exe files are also available for download from the same location)