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btrfs vs ext4 iozone read test

BTRFS support for the installer came in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat a few days ago so the folks @ Phoronix ran some tests comparing BTRFS and EXT4.

The results between BTRFS with the default options and EXT4 were pretty close but once the zlib compression was activated (this feature is only available for BTRFS), BTRFS was 2x faster than EXT4 in the 4GB write IOzone test and 4x faster than EXT4 for the 4GB read IOzone test.

Check out the full tests results @ Phoronix.

Update: the results for this test may be wrong. Also, it seems BTRFS has a serious bug. Read the comments below!

[image credits: Phoronix]