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We covered lots of ways to move the Metacity window controls (buttons) back to the right in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx: from Gconf Editor to gconf via command line, Ubuntu Tweak or the MWButtons script. But all these may seem complicated for a complete noob and for this reason I decided to write this post.

Most new Ubuntu users have no idea how to use a terminal (and are scared by it), Ubuntu Tweak may seem to advanced and so on. But MWButtons now has a PPA and thus you can simply download a .deb file.

So, the easiest way to move the window buttons to the right (or any other order) in Ubuntu 10.04 is to download THIS file , then double click it and install it. Once installed, in the menu go to Applications > Accessories > Metacity Window Buttons and change the button layout to whatever you want: