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sikuli screenshot ubuntu

Some time ago we told you about Sikuli, an application which allows you to automate tasks using screenshots (like recording macros for any application) for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Since we last wrote about Sikuli, 2 versions were released: it's now a lot faster and even easier to use - all the available commands are displayed in the left panel -, Sikuli now comes with 64bit support and many other new features which you can see HERE.

Here is a video I've just recorded with Sikuli 10.1 in action on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx (the code used is the one in the above screenshot):

(you can also view this video in the new WebM format @ YouTube)

All the clicks / actions in the above video are automatically performed by Sikuli. The video only presents a very simple example of what Sikuli can do, you can basically set it to do everything: from configuring something very advanced on multiple computers to automatically clicking something on webpages (such as for games on Facebook) based on how the page looks and so on.

To use the latest Sikuli 10.1 in Ubuntu, firstly install the dependencies (of course, also make sure you have JAVA installed!):
sudo apt-get install libhighgui-dev libcxxtools6 libcxxtools-dev libcvaux-dev

Then download Sikuli for Linux (32 or 64 bit) from HERE (files available for Linux, Windows and MacOS X), extract it and double click the sikuli-ide.sh file.