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gnome panel fixed

Like you saw in our last post, the GNOME panel looks very ugly for some themes if you try to increase its height, make it transparent or want a vertical panel.

WebUpd8 reader Whise wrote a Python script to fix the panel for all the GNOME themes you currently have installed - as long as they don't use a custom name for the panel background.

What the script does it remove the panel background from the gtkrc file of every theme. However, the backgrounds are still available in each theme's folder so you can manually set a background for any theme if you want to. Using it, you can finally use large / vertical / transparent GNOME panels with almost any theme.

To download it, simply paste this in a terminal:
wget http://webupd8.googlecode.com/files/theme_bg_patcher2.py && chmod +x theme_bg_patcher2.py

Or you can manually download it from HERE.

Then to fix all the themes installed in /usr/share/themes, use the following command:
sudo python -u theme_bg_patcher2.py

Or, to fix the themes installed for the current user (in ~/.themes), run the same command but without sudo:
python -u theme_bg_patcher2.py

Credits for the script (and many thanks!): Whise