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Many thanks to everyone who voted in this week's poll: Best Linux BitTorrent client.

Here are the results:

best linux bittorrent client

This is the second time an application which is default in a lot of Linux distributions, after Rhythmbox (for Best Linux Music Player). I for one was expecting a lot more votes for Deluge Torrent which comes with a lot of great features.

qBittorrent got almost 10% of the votes (208) which I think is fair considering it doesn't get too much publicity on blogs (don't really know why, as I find it to be a great BitTorrent client).

From "Other results", most votes got Vuze (44), uTorrent with Wine (17), Flush (12) and the rest got 1-2 votes.

We also had another poll this week: Rate Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. Here are the results:

rate ubuntu 10.04