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Last week we told you about an easy way to configure NotifyOSD notification bubbles in Ubuntu (finally!). But you still had to modify a text file.

2 projects started already to create a GUI for this patched NotifyOSD. I tried compiling them and only one worked so I'm going to tell you how to compile / use it (it's very easy).

Before installing the graphical user interface to customize NotifyOSD, firstly make sure you add the PPA with the patched NotifyOSD (see here).

Then to download and compile Notify OSD Configuration via Launchpad, type this in a terminal (firstly make sure you have all the build essentials and qt build dependencies installed):
bzr branch lp:notifyconf
cd notifyconf/
sudo make install

Then to run it, type this in a terminal (there's no menu entry just yet):

Update: there is now a PPA available For NotifyOSD Configure GUI

The GUI isn't perfect (it could use some tabs instead of such a long interface - an updated version fixes this as you can see in the screenshot) but it does the job. Still, it's in its very early stages so it will improve later on:

notifyosd gui configuration

Besides allowing you to configure NotifyOSD notification bubbles, NotifyOSD Configuration also creates a preview of your settings once you click the "Apply" button and you can save and load themes (so people can already start creating themes!).

And this is not the only GUI for configuring NotifyOSD. Another one can be found HERE. Hopefully they will also get a Launchpad PPA for easier installation (if not, I may do it if I have some time).