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Ever since the Opera 10.5x development started, the Linux builds have been alpha. Today, the first beta version of Opera 10.5x (10.53) has been released!

The reason for this very big delay for the Linux builds is that there have been some major changes in how Opera works on Linux, most notably dropping Qt in favour of integrating Opera with the KDE and GTK libraries where possible.

With Opera 10.53 Beta for Linux, there is also a change in the license so we might see Opera in the official repositories of all major Linux distributions soon (hopefully):

The big change is that it should make it easier for distros to include us in their online repositories. Those of you who have followed my posts on this subject (in the 'My Opera' forums and a couple of distro specific sites) will know that I have been trying to get us to find a way to make it easier for distros to redistribute Opera. The latest EULA is as a result of some of that internal discussion.

quote from Ruari Ødegaard

Download Opera 10.53 Beta 1 for Linux