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YouTube, Dailymotion and other websites already allow you to view HTML5 videos, but they don't come with a full-screen button.

For Google Chrome / Chromium, there's an extension which easily fixes this by adding a button where the old full-screen button used to be on YouTube:

youtube html5 fullscreen button
(full-screen button added in the bottom right corner)

Here is how the video controls looked before using the Chrome / Chromium HTML5 full-screen (button) extension:

youtube no fullscreen

The extension also adds a button in the Omnibar (where applicable) for the rest of the websites which support HTML5 such as Dailymotion and so on:

omnibar full-screen button chrome

Once you click the full-screen button, the video will open as full-screen in a tab so if you want to go truly full screen, press F11.

On it's page @ Chrome Extensions, there are also links to install a full-screen button to be placed to the right of the Omnibar as well as context menu (right click) full-screen option.