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Thanks to Bill's suggestion, this week's poll is: best Linux file manager. The selection for this poll is: MC (Midnight Commander), Dolphin, Konqueror, Thunar, PCManFM and Nautilus.

The poll:

This is the first time we have more than 5 applications in our weekly poll, simply because I couldn't decide which of the 6 picked applications I should remove. Of course, there are many more file managers for Linux and you can vote for them by selecting "Other" answer.

I realize Nautilus might get most of the votes but it will be interesting to see where the other votes go to. Also, most of us using Gnome are somewhat stuck with Nautilus, but for instance I consider Dolphin a lot more interesting than Nautilus.

As usual, don't forget to tell us why you like a certain Linux file manager in the comments!