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battery status screenshot ubuntu

Battery Status is a GNOME panel applet that shows information about laptop battery state - but has a lot of extra features compared to GNOME's Power Manager icon.

Battery Status 0.1.1 was just released, fixing lots of bugs in the initial release (which we just talked about last week). If when you first tried Battery Status it didn't work, you should really give it another shot as it's an amazing application.

Bugs fixed and improvements in Battery Status version 0.1.1:
  • fix hard-coded addresses of power devices
  • fix distribution detection
  • fix empty serial number of battery field in battery status dialog
  • fix gnome-power-statistics dialog call in indicator
  • improve AC detection
  • improve packages detection for best integration
  • improve applet/indicator main icon behavior on critical dialog

The Ubuntu PPA has been updated and now includes the latest 0.1.1 version. See our initial post for more info on Battery Status as well as installation instructions.