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hedgewars 0.9.13

Hedgewars is funniest and most addictive game you'll ever play - hilarious fun that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Hedgewars is a turn based strategy game but the real buzz is from watching the devastation caused by those pesky hedgehogs with those fantastic weapons - sneaky little blighters with a bad attitude! It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Hedgewars 0.9.13 was released today and it bring a lot of new in-game features such as:
  • AI uses new weapons, aware of fire, can fight in artillery mode
  • New options in ammo editing - crate probability, delays
  • many new hats, hats visible while using rope and blowtorch
  • new game modes - place hedgehog, king mode, randomise starts, allies share ammo, disable girders
  • visual effects: dust on fall impact, smoke, shotgun shells, blink team name on start of turn, hogs pulling weapons out, falling flakes kicked by explosion and more
  • and many many more

The new Hedgewars version also brings speed optimizations, lots of bugs fixed and so on.

Here is the official Hedgewars 0.9.13 trailer:

Install Hedgewars 0.9.13

If you're using Mac OS X or Windows, simply download the binaries from HERE.

Ubuntu installation

For Ubuntu, Hedgewars is available @ Playdeb, but for now it hasn't been updated to the latest version so if you want to start playing Hedgewars 0.9.13 on Ubuntu, here is how to compile it (it's quite easy!):

1. Install the required dependencies:
sudo apt-get install build-essential liblua5.1-0-dev libqca2-dev cmake libsdl-mixer1.2-dev libsdl-net1.2-dev libsdl-image1.2-dev libsdl-ttf2.0-dev libsdl1.2-dev fp-compiler fp-units-base fp-units-gfx libqt4-dev libgl1-mesa-dev ghc libghc6-network-dev libghc6-stm-dev

2. Download, extract and compile Hedgewars 0.9.13:

For easy copy/paste commands, simply run this:
wget http://download.gna.org/hedgewars/hedgewars-src-0.9.13.tar.bz2
tar -xvf hedgewars-src-0.9.13.tar.bz2
cd hedgewars-src-0.9.13/
cmake .
sudo make install

3. Now run Hedgewars using the following command:

If you want to remove Hedgewars, simply run this:
cd hedgewars-src-0.9.13/
sudo make uninstall