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buzzbird 0.7 linux

Buzzbird is a simple Linux, Windows and Mac OS X Twitter client. It's designed to be lightweight but still have have enough feature to please most users, such as: multiple account support, different views (timeline, @mentions and direct messages), you can retweet (both using the old way and the new official RT), follow/unfollow users, favourite tweets, built in url shortening, new message notifications and more.

Buzzbird 0.7 was released yesterday and it includes some new features and fixes:

  • No more 401 errors.
  • Notifications! You can now configure Buzzbird to notify you when mentions, DMs, or plain old tweets come in. On Mac, the Growl framework is used. On Linux, I’m using the notify-send utility that comes with libnotify. Windows doesn’t really have a de-facto notification system, so I’m using the Mozilla notification system that comes with XULrunner on that platform.
  • Issue 41: The Post button is now disabled when it should be.
  • Issue 40: Implemented a pooling mechanism for XMLHttpRequests so the app won’t get constipated when network timeouts happen.
  • Issue 32: Don’t truncate retweets at 140 characters in the post window – let the user decide how to truncate.
  • Issue 31: Auto-close the post area after posting (this behavior is configurable)
  • Issue 30: Added keyboard shortcut for “Post” action (accel + return)
  • Issue 29: Focus should be on post area when user clicks Post button.
  • Issue 7: Press Return to Post is now configurable.

Initially Buzzbird 0.7 should have been released with Twitter Lists support, but a change in the Twitter API made the old 0.6 version to stop working so the new 0.7 version was released in a hurry, with only 50% of this feature implemented. Twitter Lists should be implemented in the next Buzzbird version.

Download Buzzbird (on Linux, all you have to do is download the archive and then simply double click the "buzzbird" file).

[application seen on Ubuntronics - thanks!]