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WebUpd8 reader Remy sent us a tip with a bash script which uses Zenity and ffmpeg for easily converting various audio files. It can convert from / to flac, mp3, wav and ogg.

Using the script is very easy so it should be very useful for lots of people. The first thing you need to to to get it working is to install Zenity and ffmpeg. To do this in Ubuntu, simply paste the following command in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install zenity ffmpeg

Then, to download and run the script, use the following commands:
wget http://raymii.org/cms/content/downloads/easyconverter.sh
chmod +x easyconverter.sh

You can check out the script code HERE.

Once you run the script, it will ask you to select a folder which should contain the audio files you wnat to convert. Then you will have to select the audio files original format:

convert mp3

and then the output format:

convert ogg

And then you can start the conversion:

convert ffmpeg zenity

The files resulted after the conversion will be placed in a folder called "converted" in the same directory as the files you converted.

Credits and many thanks for the script: Remy (Raymii.org)