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Tinypic.com, an image hosting service owned by the same folks behind Photobucket has been down for most of the day. That wouldn't be too much of a tragedy if thousands of blog (maybe more?) wouldn't have most of their image (blog post images and template elements) hosted on Tinypic.com.

The reason people choose tinypic.com is because with an account, you get an unlimited number of image uploads and unlimited bandwidth.

It seems only the redirects are broken: usually when uploading an image to tinypic, the url is something like: http://s6.tinypic.com/image.png. Also, I've noticed only images which use a server greater than i45 (including) are affected, meaning that for instance the images on http://i37.tinypic.com are ok.

We are among the blogs who host images on tinypic and we spent the last couple of hours fixing the images in basically all blog posts (hopefully - in the 2600 posts there might be some posts who got away).

Here is the fix:

I used the Firefox addon called "Foxreplace" (which has helped us before). Using this addon, I replaced all the urls from http://s6.tinypic.com/* to http://s6.tinypic.com/* with http://s6.tinypic.com

It seems tinypic is using a redirect for most of it's images, with all the images uploaded lately poiting to http://s6.tinypic.com (example: http://s6.tinypic.com/14432p1.jpg )

Hopefully this will help some of the many people having issues with Tinypic today.

Update: the images hosted on Tinypic seem to be up again.