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vlmc videolan movie creator

Remember VideoLAN Movie Creator (VLMC)? Many people (including myself) got really exited on the news that the VLC team is working on a video editor but then everything seem to fade away and there weren't any news about it. That until now, when a blog post from one of the VLMC developers is pointing out that VLMC 0.1 was supposed to be released yesterday but some bugs on Windows prevented this from happening.

However, I find this to be great news and can't wait for the first version of VLMC to be released. Of course, don't expect a lot of features and an equivalent to VLC but for video editing already. Especially since only 2 developers are working on VideoLAN Movie Creator.

In case you were checking the website or was subscribed to the VLMC mailing list: those were down for a while but should be up and running again soon. However, the VLMC website is just a bug tracker for now.

Hopefully we'll hear more often about VLMC.