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opera 10.50 linux

Finally, the new Opera 10.50 has been released - for Windows only for now. Opera 10.50 development had an incredible speed, the blog post stating that:

Our developers are rivalling Carakan for speed!

This most probably had something to do with the introduction of the so called browser ballot screen in Europe which can be a chance to increase the market share.

In case you don't know, Opera 10.50 introduces Carakan, a new, much faster javascript engine - the developers saying it's 700% faster then the previous Opera - as well as the new HTML5 <video> element. It also features a redesigned menu (as you can see in the screenshot in the beginning of the post) and other visual improvements. Opera 10.50 also comes with Opera Unite!

Other great features in Opera 10.50 are private browsing tabs (other browsers only support this in new windows) and Windows Vista and 7 jump lists, Aero Glass and Aero Peek.

The Linux version (which is still in alpha) doesn't rely on Qt anymore, but on any graphical toolkit installed (plain X11). The Opera team is focusing on getting support for Gnome/GTK+ and KDE4/Qt4 into 10.5.

Download: Opera 10.50 final for Windows | Latest Linux / Mac OS X builds

To run the latest Linux build (remember, it's still alpha!), you can either download it from the link above or run the following commands:

wget http://snapshot.opera.com/unix/snapshot-6240/opera-10.50-6240.i386.linux.tar.bz2 -O - | tar xjf -
cd opera-10.50-6240.i386.linux/
./opera &


wget http://snapshot.opera.com/unix/snapshot-6240/opera-10.50-6240.x86_64.linux.tar.bz2 -O - | tar xjf -
cd opera-10.50-6240.x86_64.linux/
./opera &