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About three weeks ago, Ubuntu officially switched to Nouveau as the default Nvidia driver. In the attempt to make Ubuntu 10.04 a rock solid LTS release, large changes have been made to the packaging stack and as a result, Nouveau's kernel module is now in the main kernel package.

This should fix a lot of the problems people reported since Ubuntu switched to Nouveau such as VTs not working, Plymouth splash screen not working and so on. So if you had one of these issues or even no display at all, the Ubuntu developers are asking you to test it again with the 2.6.32-16 kernel. To make sure you have this kernel, do an upgrade (of course, you must be running Ubuntu Lucid):
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

You can check what Kernel version you are running by typing this in a temrinal:
uname -r

If you have time, Ubuntu could use some testing. Here's what you can do:

If you've got an nvidia graphics card, please try disabling the restricted drivers and testing nouveau for a day. Just using your computer with the nouveau drivers and reporting any problems you encounter will be useful, but if you want to test more systematically,
there's a list of things to check on the wiki.

Filing a good bug is as simple as running “ubuntu-bug xorg” and describing the problem you see, and how you can trigger it, in the report. The apport hooks will magically attach all the relevant logs for you.

If you run into a bug and want to invest some extra effort to help get it fixed, after reporting the bug you can test with a newer version of Nouveau. These packages are available in the xorg-edgers/nouveau PPA. Further instructions are on the wiki.