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Mwbuttons (Metacity Window Buttons) is very easy to use yet complete GUI for customizing the Metacity window button order. I really like the way this was implemented because it is very intuitive and easy to understand by new Ubuntu users.

Using Mwbuttons you basically have a horizontal line with all the buttons and you can chose which button and it's placement, exactly the way it will be displayed in Metacity:


Another nice feature for new Ubuntu users is that Mwbuttons comes with presets: Lucid Style (buttons on the left ordered: maximize, minimize, close), Karmic style (the normal style with buttons on the right ordered: minimize, maximize, close) and OSX style (buttons on the left ordered: close, maximize, minimize) as well as a "restore style" option:

metacity window buttons order

I really hope that either Mwbuttons or Alex Eftimie's idea to put an option in the Gnome Appearance Properties for customizing Metacity buttons order will be included in Lucid!

To download and run Mwbuttons, simply run this in a terminal:
wget http://launchpad.net/mwbuttons/trunk/v0.2/+download/mwbuttons
chmod +x mwbuttons