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keryx 0.92.4

Some time ago we told you about Keryx, an amazing cross-platform (yes, it also works on Windows - so you can download the packages from Windows and install them in Ubuntu/Debian, etc.) application which can be used for offline package download and installation for APT-based systems (Ubuntu, Debian, etc.). Basically Keryx provides a graphical interface for getting updates, packages and dependencies for offline installation.

The latest version (0.92.4) brings 2 new features which should be very helpful for those with limited internet connectivity:

  • No more dependencies. Now Keryx is truly portable so all you have to do is download the package from its website, put it on an USB memory stick and use it on a computer with an internet connection to get updates, packages and so on, and then install them on another computer.
  • No more "sudo dpkg -i --force-all *.deb" to install the packages downloaded by Keryx. Now Keryx comes with its own package installation tool.

Download Keryx 0.92.4 | How to use Keryx (ignore the "sudo dpkg -i" step) | official tutorial