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grsync 1.1.0

We wrote about Grsync before, an open source rsync GUI (Graphical User Interface) which you can use for file and directory synchronization (for backups, etc.).

Rsync is the well-known and powerful command line directory and file synchronization tool. Grsync makes use of the GTK libraries and is released under the GPL license, so it is opensource. It doesn't need the gnome libraries to run, but can of course run under gnome pretty fine. It can be effectively used to synchronize local directories and it supports remote targets as well (even though it doesn't support browsing the remote folder). Sample uses of grsync include: synchronize a music collection with removable devices, backup personal files to a networked drive, replication of a partition to another one, mirroring of files, etc.

Grsync 1.1.0 was released 2 days ago and it adds some small new features as well as some bugs fixed:

  • "Use tray icon" preferences option added.
  • Autogen.sh script upgraded.
  • Modified Makefile.am to exclude subversion directories from the tar distribution file, other small fixes.
  • Added --protect-args option, on by default, solves the "remote filename with spaces" problem.
  • Fixed bug: doesn't save "itemized changes list" option.
  • French translation updated (Thanks François).
  • Added mime type definition for grsync session files with icon.
  • Updated desktop file to open session files with "grsync -i".
  • Made some fixes which could make grsync more stable on some systems.
  • Added "run as superuser" extra options switch, uses "pkexec" from policykit.
  • Added rsync child watch function.
  • Added rsync process exit status output.
  • Fixed behaviour when rsync window is closed not by using the close button.
  • Added "contribute" menu item.
  • Added workaround for freebsd and mac os X glib child watch problem.
  • Fixed scrolling to end on pause.

Because Grsync deserves more attention, I decided to package the latest 1.1.0 in a .deb file (for Ubuntu Karmic and Lucid) since both Ubuntu Karmic and Lucid have version 0.9.2 in the official repositories.

Download Grsync 1.1.0 .deb:

Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid):
64bit: grsync_1.1.1~webupd8~lucid_amd64.deb (131.0 KiB)
32bit: grsync_1.1.1~webupd8~lucid_i386.deb (126.9 KiB)

Karmic 9.10 (Karmic):
64bit: grsync_1.1.1~webupd8~karmic_amd64.deb (130.7 KiB)
32bit: grsync_1.1.1~webupd8~karmic_i386.deb (129.8 KiB)

If you're using the WebUpd8 PPA, all you have to do is:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install grsync

If you're not using Ubuntu, download Grsync 1.1.0 source packages from HERE.

Update: I updated the download links to Grsync 1.1.1.